Read the story of this exceptional pigeon


** = Son 1 International winner

Click on the pictures to get more information

Laureaat Narbonne **

Real Special ** Special Loyd **
Loyd Laureaat ** International Loyd **

Beauty Jef **


Dreamboy Dirty Harry

Nicolas **

Super Joe Galax **

Golden Joe

Julian Special Laureaat
Junior 962 King Harry Son Rudy
Mr Perfect Tuco Golden Harry


** = Daughter 1 International winner

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Daughter Special One **

Little Disney Beauty Laureaat **

Willeke Laureaat **

Special Tsunami ** Miss Loyd **

Luna Laureaat

Lotte Special Jeffie **

New Loyd **

Grizzle Joe Anastacia
Valerie ** Beauty Armana ** Anita
Sister Nicolas ** Romana ** Sedmana **

Sedma **

Limo Armana ** Dirty Sachi

Harry meets Sachi

Pure gold Pure Joe 708


Special Lady Agy
Blue Armana ** Lucinda Bella Donna
Barcelona Bens First ** Birgit ** Smart Girl


New on the loft:

Daughter New Laureaat - 1 Int. Barcelona 25.382 p.

Agy , 10 Int. Agen 14.799 p.

Bella Donna 63 Int. Agen 14.799 p.

Daughter Barcelona Ben - 1 Int. Barcelona 16.595 p.



New reference

Grandson Little Joe makes 1 Provincial Perpignan

87 National Perpignan 3.915 p.

Same pigeon made already 84 Nat. Perpignan 2018 and 127 Nat. Barcelona 2019

Son of Mr Perfect x Anastacia :

1 Provincial Aurillac (817 km)

3 Nat. c Souillac (746 km)

2 Provincial Acepigeon long distance (Fondmarathon)

(raced by Thoné X + M)

3 rd Provincial Limoges against 1.327 p. is bred of Mr Perfect x Jelena ( 2 National c 1529 p.). Raced by Thoné X + M


New references:

Tacloban Champion PHA South Young Bird Derby Race 2019

Grandmother is sister King Rhone

Girder becomes grandfather of 76 Nat. Brive against 9.278 p.

(raced by Team Dejaegher)

Updated picture Fred: (red = new )

New on the loft:

New references:

* 1 Nat.Argenton z. against 1.563 p. (20 National 22.712 p.) is grandchild Fred (raced by Marc de Cock)

* 1 Prov. Chateauroux against 3.206 pigeons and 2 Noyon 1.358 pigeons is bred of granddaughter Fred raced by Marc De Cock

*22 National Limoges 15.783 p. with a pigeon born on our loft raced by Nicolas Bascourt

Child Blue Narbonne 024

*1 and 2 prize on a short distance race of 167 km against 579 pigeons (only 2 pigeons in the race!!!)

Raced by Fabrice Dereux.

The winning pigeon is a grandson of Blue Viagra.

The 2 prize winner is a grandchild of Johny Boy and won earlier this year already 1 prize of 973 pigeon on a 165 km race

* 4 th Provincial Brive 714 km against 785 p. with a pigeon Born on our loft

as daughter New Star, grandchild Armani (1 Int. Perpignan ) and grgranddaughter superbreeder Little Joe

Raced by Gert Noels

*73 Nat. Montelimar old pigeons is born on our loft and raced by Nicolas Bascourt

*8 th Nat. C Gueret 605 km (985 m/m) against 503 yearlings with a pigeon born on our loft as child Blue Viagra raced by Jos Thoné

*2 Toury (282 km) against 345 yearlings is bred of granddaughter Little Joe raced by Eric Leclerq

*Argenton Nat. C Yearlings 1.199 p.
18 with grandchild Galax & Beauty Sedna
26 with child junior 962 x Lady Viagra
28 with child Blue Viagra
Raced by Jos Thoné

Updated picture superbreeder Little Joe

My visite to Hugo Batenburg

Hotnews: 18/03/2018

Many congratulations to our friend Allan Chan of the Philipinnes

He makes 1st prize on a very hard 670 km race

The winning pigeon is a 100% Thoné pigeon, bred from grandson Girder (grgrandson Little Joe) x sister Disney


Hotnews: 11/03/2018

Many congratulations to Mr Mohanraj Subramaniam of India

(pigeons imported by our friend Ashley Shane)

He makes 1st,3rd and 7th on a very hard race of 820 km

1th and 7th prize are won by 50% Jos Thoné-pigeons bloodline Little Joe and Sedna

3rd price is won by a 100% Jos Thoné pigeon as grandchild Little Joe , grgrandchild Sedna




We want to congratulate our friend Joe Comes with his 11th and 25th place in the final of the One dollar Race in South-Africa

The bird who wins the 11th is bred of a daughter Guyliam, granddaughter Guru





Latest references:

12th best Valence pigeon 2016-2017 of Belgium is granddaughter Little Joe ! Raced by Thoné X + M !


Hello Guy. I have also a daugther from little Joe 2011-2204604, here mother is Daughter Kleine Molenar.

She is a good breeding hen. oa mother to sektionsvinner from Baden-Baden on 956 km. and the same cook vas Regionsvinner from Freiburg on 1052 km


2 OLR Semi-Final Costa del sol 1.248 p.

with grandchild Little Joe

2 OLR Final Costa Del Sol 749 p.

with grandchild Girder, grgrandchild Little Joe

* 30 National Libourne is born on our loft from Son King Rhone x daughter Girder

(raced by Nicolas Bascourt)


*91 th National Limoges against 9.149 p. is born on our loft as daughter Fred

(see picture below)


*66 National Libourne (KBDB-online) against 3.882 pigeons is from our Little Joe bloodline

In 2015 this pigeon won 61 National Libourne

(raced by Marc Slabbinck)


* 14 National Brive against 11.766 p. . is bred from direct pigeon of our loft

(raced by Demode Franck- France)

(bloodline Girder , King Rhone ...)


* 10 National Argenton against 13.621 p. is born on our loft

(Thoné X + M)


*49 National Agen against 5.410 yearlings is grgrandson Little Joe

(Bascourt Nicolas)


* 15 Nat. Valence c against 1.693 p. is daughter Opium, granddaughter Little Joe

(Thoné X + M)


* After a son of Fred made last week the 3 Nat.Zone C on Brive 1.058 p. (raced by Thoné X + M)

now a grandchild of Fred wins 1 Nat. C on Argenton (raced by Team Bassez and bred by Marc de Cock)

(see picture Fred below)


* 1 Laon against 1.426 p (raced by Gert Noels)

Grandchild Little Joe


* 1 Jouy le Chatel against 102 p. (Raced by Thoné X + M)

grandchild Fred and Lady Joe , grgrandchild Little Joe (see pedigree below)


*1 Pont-St-Maxence 356 p. (Raced by Nicolas Bascourt)

Grandchild Blue Viagra


*2 Pont-St-Maxence against 423 p. (raced by Nicolas Bascourt)

Child Blue Narbonne 024


*4 Chimay against 1.463 p. (raced by Thoné Jos)

Grandchild Blue Viagra

New pictures



Some new references 2016:

29 Int. Perpignan 12.698 p. is a hen born on our loft (Raced by Thoné X + M)

Grgranddaughter Little Joe


1 National Brive 579 km against 8.000 p. is bred from direct pigeon of our loft (raced by Demode Franck- France)

(bloodline Girder , King Rhone ...)


74 Int. Agen 9.043 p.

10 Nat. Acepigeon KBDB yearlings very long distance (raced by Team Dejaegher)

is grandson Girder



New references:

8 Skaka (Sau) 1.040 km against 3.459 p. is grandchild Little Joe

25 Arar (Sau) 1.000 km) against 1.838 p. is grandchild Little Joe

(raced by Hashim Al-Zawad)

14 National Barcelona against 7.693 p. is bred from Jos Thoné pigeon (via Guy Baerts)

(raced by Haesen L & K)



New reference :

1 Provincial Chalone yearlings against 361 p. with , granddaughter Girder

(Jos Thoné)



New on the loft:




Basic pigeon:

New references:

35 Prov. Issoudun 3.162 p.

(child Fred - raced by Marc de Cock)


1 Prov. Brive 2.336 p.

4 Prov. Tulle 1.998 p.

6 Prov. Issoudun 3.243 p.

11 Prov. Chateauroux 5.865 p.

20 Limoges 2.946 p.

37 Nat. Z Bourges 4.130 p.

(grandchildren Fred - raced by Marc de Cock)



The story of superbreeder Little Joe

Saturday July 19th 2003, the weather reports of the last few days seem to be right.  It’ll be a tropical day with a temperature of 35° C in France. Hereby a North-East breeze and each fancier knows that this will be a hard job for the 20.786 pigeons that were put in on the classical long distance race from Marseille. We all know that Marseille usually is a difficult race because of the geographic position. The birds were released at 6.30' to start a long and difficult way home.

Read more .....

New references


1 Provincial Libourne 517 p. with son Guru, grgrandson Little Joe

(raced by Thoné X + M)

10 International Perpignan against 15.937 p.

with grandson Guru and Newstar, grgrandson Little Joe

(raced by Cuffel Père et fils)

11 National Perpignan against 5.271 p. with grandson Little Joe

(raced by Noë Decoster)


Special reference :


1 Prov. Agen old birds with Blue Joe (see pedigree)

9 National 3.824 p.

+/- 11 International Agen + 6.000 pigeons

The  pigeon is son Guru x Lady Joe


As you can see on the map below we were not really at the

good side of the country for clocking such an early bird.

("9" is our bird.) This makes it even more special.







References 2014


Mr Patrick Dumas became 9 National Champion in France

His loft is build on our pigeons !


1 Prov. Champion long distance old pigeons KBDB 2014 (Thoné X + M)

Prizes achieved by granddaughter Little Joe , grandson Girder, grandson King Rhone, son Guru,....


Grandson Girder (raced by Team Dejaegher)

23 Nat. Limoges 18.390 p.
50 Nat. Tulle 5.976 p.
64 Nat. Brive 5.286 p.
10 National Acepigeon long distance KBDB


1 Provincial Ace pigeon Limburgse Fondmarathon (category long distance)

Raced by Thoné X + M

Grandson Girder, grgrandson Little Joe


Grandchild Little Joe wins 30 Nanteuil (447 km) against 3.466 pigeons

(raced by Jan Karsten)


10 Prov. La Souterraine +/- 600 km against 1.502 p. with pigeon Jonker (see below)

This pigeon won already 1 Nat. Zone C2 Chateauroux

Grandson Blue Viagra


1 National Zone C2 Chateauroux against 1068 young birds 

(fastest of 2.364 pigeons)

Pedigree of the winner:


Guyliam wins 4th Prov. Tulle (670 km) against 569 b.

(Raced by Thoné X + M)


Daughter Black Joe wins 12 Provincial Tulle (670 km) against 632 p.

(Raced by Thoné X + M)


48 Nat. Marseille against 2.670 p. is a 100% pigeon of our loft as grandson Newstar

(raced by Nicolas Bascourt)


46 Nat. St-Vincent against 3.240 old pigeons is bred from granddaughter Little Joe

(raced by Nicolas Bascourt)


19 Nat. Libourne against 3.152 p. is bred from Brother Marseille 09

(raced by Jos Thoné)


8 Prov. St-Vincent against 420 p. is bred from Son Sedna

(raced by Jos Thoné)


42 National St-Vincent yearlings against 3.132 pigeons is grgrandson Little Joe


10 Prov. Barcelona against 712 pigeons is 100% Baerts pigeon as grgrandson Little Joe

(Raced by Bascourt Nicolas)


10th and 16th Provincial Montelimar 722 km against 715 p. with grandson Girder (grgrandson Little Joe ) and grandson King Rhone

Raced by Jos Thoné


22 National Agen against 3.180 p.

Raced by Jos Thoné

Winning pigeon is son Euro-Boy, grandson Little Joe


1 Povincial Montauban (839 km) against 722 old pigeons.

Raced by Jos Thoné

Winning pigeon is Son Guru


Granddaughter Little Joe & Girder wins 14 Prov. Limoges 1.723 p.



Results on other lofts with our pigeons in 2012-2013 

       1      Nat. Bari                                 3.185 p. (Mt)

       1      Prov. Pau                                          249 p.

       1      Nat. Acepigeon yearlings CC

       4      Nat. Montauban                            6.809 p.

       4      Nat. Bordeaux                              4.971 p.

       4      Saintes                                     648 p (UK).

       6      Fourges                                1.361 p. (UK)

       7      Nat. Bordeaux                              4.971 p.

       7      Nat. Reggio                            8.000 p (Mt)

       8      Internat. Narbonne (h)                 5.098 p

       8      Nat. Metaponto                     3.529 p. (Mt)

       8      Prov. Libourne                                 990 p.

       9      Prov. Libourne                                 990 p.

     10      Prov. Bordeaux                    1.004 p. (Fr)

     11      Nat. Reggio                            8.000 p (Mt)

     11      Fourges                                1.361 p. (UK)

     11      Prov. Bordeaux                    1.004 p. (Fr)

     15      Prov. Limoges                              1.265 p.

     20      Prov. Montelimar                          1.070 p.

     20      Prov. Libourne                                 990 p.

     20      Int. Narbonne                              13.527 p.

     23      Int. Narbonne h.                           4.637 p.

     25      Nat.  Bordeaux                             5.283 p.

     27      Nat. Pau                                          1.989 p.

     28      Nat. Souillac                                  5.282 p.

     34      Nat. B Brive                                   2.693 p.

     35      Int. Narbonne (h)                           5.098 p

     39      Nat. Limoges                              14.263 p.

     43      Nat. B Tulle                                    3.330 p.

     49      Nat. Libourne                                7.958 p.

     51      Nat. Barcelona                           10.685 p.

     65      Nat. Orange                                   4.443 p.

     80      Nat. Pau                                          1.989 p.

     97      Nat. Libourne                                7.958 p.

     98      Nat. Perpignan                             6.661 p.



Breeding Cocks





























General Champion long distance Brabantse Unie

Winner "Oscar Fond" Brabantse Unie - 1st marqued on all long distance races - prizes 1:10 (already two times)

Best old pigeon Club de Fond de Wallonie

1st 1+2 marqued Brabantse Unie long distance

1st National Acepigeon very long distance "Superduif"

2nd National Ace pigeon CFW "Route du Rhone" (3 races)

2nd National "Route du Rhone" (3 races with the 3 first marqued)

2nd Prov. Champion KBDB long distance

4th Champion Long distance LCB 

3rd Acepigeon Long Distance LCB 

4rd  1+2 marqued Brabantse Unie very long distance

7th 1+2 marqued Brabantse Unie long distance yearlings

9th National Ace pigeon CFW "Route du Rhone" (3 races) 

1st Best loft long distance old pigeons Obrafo Tienen 

1st 1+2 marqued long distance old pigeons Obrafo Tienen 

1st 1+2 marqued very long distance yearlings Obrafo Tienen 

1st Overall champion 1+2 marqued Obrafo Tienen Zone Oost 

1st Best loft Oostbrabantse Fondclub yearlings long distance

1st 1+2 marqued Oostbrabantse Fondclub yearlings long distance

2nd King Oostbrabantse Fondclub


References on other lofts:


    1      Nat. Brive h. 1.232 p.

    1      Nat. C Brive  7.467 p.

    1      Prov. Orleans

    3      Semi-Nat. Jarnac  3.714 p.

    4      Nat. Brive 19.477 p.

    4      Prov. Libourne 779 p.

    4      Provincial Marseille  614 p.

    4      Arcis sur Aube 1.106 p.

    5      Arcis sur Aube 1.106 p.

    6      Provincial Bourges

    7      Provincial Perpignan 1.084 p.

    7      Int. Marseille 19.605 p.

    6      Nat. Cahors  5.441 p.

    6      Zone Libourne  2.208 p.

    8      National Montelimar  8.232 p.

    8      Provincial Libourne  1.078 p.

    9      Int. Perpignan h 3.131 p.

  10      Lyndhurst 5.856 p.

  11      Nat. Limoges 16.012 p.

  11      Prov. Bordeaux 572 p.

  12      Semi-National Chateauroux  9.030 p.

  13      Provincial Cahors 923 p.

  14      Prov. Bourges  2.804 p.

  14      Prov. Gien 4.295 p.

  15      Prov. Argenton   865 p.

  16      Prov. Bourges 1.551 p.

  16      National Barcelona 13.503 p.

  25      Semi-Nat.  Bordeaux 2.728 p.

  25      Little Hampton 3.026 p.

  30      Nat. Tarbes 4.660 p.

  35      Int. Barcelona  27.669 p.

  36      Interprov. Bordeaux  3.197 p.

  46      Nat. Bordeaux 2.309 p.

  49      Tours 1.810 p.

  56      National Montelimar 8.232 p.

  62      Nat St-Vincent  8.583 p.

  78      Nat. Tulle 5.124 p.

  85      Nat. Tulle 6.345 p.

  90      La Ferté  4.209 p.

  94      Prov. Moulins  2.678 p.

102      Int. Marseille 11.833 p.

104      Prov. Gien   5.113 p.

113      S-Nat. Chateauroux  9.030 p.

120      Nat. Barcelona 12.641 p.

126      Nat. Bourges  16.771 p.

284      Nat. Barcelona 13.502 p.

299      Int. Barcelona  25.750 p. 





On the podium in Oostende             


Guy together with the national president Mr Vermeulen

(Pictures: Jean Jottard)

Henri + Guy

(Foto Patrick Philippens- Duifke Lacht)

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